Needed photos for personal use

Photography in East Van

Bobby was one of my first customers and he's really delightful and funny.

In 2017, as a new photographer who transitioned into hobbyist to professional, it was a bit nerve-wracking. I had to deliver results and people had to feel confident when they saw their headshots.

Vancouver photography also presents an issue: weather. Luckily, it stayed dry that day and cloudy weather meant for easier lighting.

After I sent him the samples, I was really glad Bobby came back with words of encouragement,

"Dude... so many good shots... this is going to take me forever to choose! Hahaha, but it's a good problem to have."

Referring to the photo on the left, he said, "This is the winner overall! I look like I should be on a bus stop or something hahaha"

That was very encouraging.

We met up to do the photo shoot in East Vancouver at Renfrew Community Centre. I like that place because you have a sheltered location for rain, you have the view of the mountains behind and a big plot of grassland for experimentation.

photo shoot in east van
photo shoot in east van
photo shoot in east van