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Dennis & Son

Father and son photo shoot

Recreating an old photo in an East Van studio

Sometimes I get uncommon photo shoot requests like this one.

A Maple Ridge father, Dennis, wanted a photo shoot with his son. He wanted to recreate a photo he did with his father.

They came as a family. The three of them.

Dennis's son was really young. He wouldn't keep still or pay attention to the camera.

Enter the wonders of modern technology. Dennis's wife brought a MacBook with YouTube playing. By moving the camera where we wanted her son to focus, we were able to get her son to mimic the look of the old photo.

These studio photos were done with a black background and a single light source, to their left. I had to play around the day before in order to try to mimic the lighting of the old photo, which seems to have come from the left.

Overall, this was a very exciting and interesting experience. It goes to show that saying "yes" to novel experiences is very important in developing one's career.

father son family photo